Fashion Shoes & Designer Shoes By The Best Shoemakers In Britain

Published: 26th March 2008
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When you look at the big names in the English Shoe Manufacturing Industry, like Grenson, Loake Shoes, Barker and Churches, you don't usually immediately think of these shoes as the most fashionable mens shoes on the market. Designer shoes surely would not usually be found in the catalogues of these Northampton-based shoe manufacturers? However you would be wrong. We have done an extensive survey of the shoes produced by the UK's main Goodyear Welt shoe manufacturers and found a number of mens fashion shoes which we would like to draw your attention to.

Our no. 1 mens designer shoe is the Loake Trapper Boot. This is a hugely popular designer handcrafted chukka boot, whilst still maintaining the unique Goodyear Welted construction. It has cream coloured laces and is tanned brown moleskin in colour and texture (the brown darkens substantially towards the toe cap). Out of all the brands we surveyed, Loake came top for the number and quality of its designer shoes. Other examples include the Moore Dirty Suede, which has cemented leather/rubber soles and are dark brown with perforations (it is like a brogue shoe but softer in texture), the Loake Walker and the Loake Banks. Loake in fact specialises in the output of mens fashion shoes and it has its own Loake Designer Shoes collection.

Grenson have a few nice pairs of mens fashion shoes, for example the Grenson Zola which is a light brown contemporary design with leather uppers and stitched leather soles. A close second designer shoe in the Grenson range is the Leach which is a soft dark brown shoe with crepe rubber shoe soles.

When you buy fashion shoes from cheap high street designer shops, they often fall apart after six months, or they turn out to be very poor at absorbing sweat (or very good at absorbing rainwater!). Although these designer shoes are slightly more expensive (all retailing at around the £90 mark) it is comforting to know that they are produced by shoe manufacturing specialists and, whilst retaining the designer shoe feel, they still make full use of the Goodyear Welt technology. This makes your fashion shoes ultra absorbent, durable and the most comfortable pair of mens shoes you will ever have bought.

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