Brogue Shoes – A Fine Tradition in English Mens Shoes

Published: 19th March 2008
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The history of brogue shoes unfortunately is not derived from English origins. This particular style of shoe is considered (by consensus opinion) to have its roots in Scottish and Irish heritage.

The true original style of brogue shoes is most accurately described as being a plain shoe, with limited styles of leather (black or brown essentially) and a standard crossover lacing format. The brogue style is essentially a subset of the oxford shoe, however is adorned with decorative stitching on the toecap (or wingtips as they are known in the USA).

The style of brogue shoes has changed dramatically since these times; most of the noticeable change has been made in the English mens shoes factories in Northamptonshire. For well over one and a half centuries, Northamptonshire has been the hub of English shoe making; respected not only on British shores for the quality of its brogue mens shoes, but recognised worldwide as the standard setter in terms of quality and design. Some of the most famous brogue shoes manufacturers in Northamptonshire include Church's footwear, Loake, Grenson, Barker and John Lobb. All these manufacturers produce outstanding quality brogue shoes in a variety of styles and materials.

The brogue shoe is no longer limited to being worn as part of office attire. Brogue shoes have now expanded their reach into the fashion world. The wingtips stitching that characterises brogue shoes from oxford shoes was one of the most popular stylistic features of fashion mens shoes last year and is still selling extremely well. Brogue shoes have developed so much in style over the last hundred and fifty years, that there is a vast range of styles within this category.

The production of these shoes from the top Northamptonshire factories is of such high quality and consistency, that buyers can be confident these shoes will fit time and time again. This feature of these shoes has enabled the English mens shoes retail industry to thrive on the internet, with increasing volumes of these shoes sold each year online.

One of the oldest and most established online brogues retailers is Shoenet is owned and operated by Livingston & Doughty, and has been a wholesale components supplier to the Northamptonshire shoes industry for well over a century. It continues to be the worlds sole supplier of cork filler material (Flexofil) that is essential for the production of top quality mens shoes.

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